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Treated Sulphur


Our high-quality treated sulphur improves rubber vulcanization, increases rubber performance and durability. It avoids black spots in white & colored products.

The general Purpose grades are difficult to mix and a good dispersion of Sulphur powder in Banbury mixing is often not achieved. With 2 roll mill mixing, Sulphur tends to cake up into hard flakes if squeezed between bare roll surfaces. Sulphur Treatment helps to improve dispersibility and reduces caking with dust free environment.


Sulphur Powder is widely used in the rubber industry as an ingredient to form cross-links between the rubber chains in the vulcanization process.

JAYSULF 96.png


Sulphur treated with anti-caking agent & dispersing agent is the further refinement of JAYSULF-98 to improve dispersibility even more and to achieve ultimate dispersion. It is used in soft compounds like white and colored compounds which are free ofsulphurstains, rubber articles which have to withstand dynamic stress.

JAYSULF 98.png


Sulphur treated with anti-caking agent is an extremely fine particle sized, to improve dispersibility and reduction of caking. Because sulphur has low solubility in nitrile rubber, JAYSULF-98 is used to gain maximum dispersion in NBR. However, it can be used in any sulfur curable polymer where optimum dispersion is desired.

JAYSULF 54.png


99% Sulphur(micronized to uniform particle size of 325 mesh) & 1% Additive for low dust is the normal mineral sulfur but with a more consistent particle grind size and slight less dust. It helps quick incorporation in the mixture gives excellent dispersion & optimal activity of the effective substance. Coating of sulphur avoids fly loss and helps in keeping the environment clean.

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