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About Us

Jayam Chemicals is built on the idea of bringing technology, chemistry, and engineering together. We provide superior-quality speciality chemicals for various industries. We are the proud manufacturer of A-1 quality products and excellent customer experience. By combining competent chemistry with upscaled engineering, we produce quality-centric products. Products manufactured are specialty chemicals and additives for use in areas like Rubber, Plastics, Leather, Ink, Pigment, Paints, etc.


Our persistent research on market demands helps us develop and deliver products that cater to many customers at once. Our supply chain focuses on the steadfast delivery of technologically advanced products manufactured with diverse chemistry competencies. Our upscaled manufacturing is based on ethical business practices and sets us apart from other competitors in the industry.

With a strong research team, we constantly work towards introducing upgraded products with the most advanced technology administered. Our able team of competent engineers works hard towards the supply of a small and bulk quantity of products in the shortest lead time. Our extensively integrated management system and quality assurance system make sure we adhere to all accreditation requirements on a regular basis.

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