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Pigment Paste


For aesthetic appeal, such as a consistent colour tone or high black jetness, blue undertone and conductivity to enhance the end-use article's functionality that meets the standards for low dust levels in the workplace set forth by Safety, Health, and the Environment.


JC CB D-3028 is having an application in many types of polymers including PVC, polyurethane elastomers, rubbers, phenolic resins, foams, thermoplastics, adhesives and sealants, vinyl wallpapers, floor coverings, cable isolations and sheathings, films, artificial leather & textile coverings etc.


JC CB D-3028

JC CB D-3028 is pumpable pigment preparation is easy to handle and exact dosage can be added during production gives high compatibility with a wide range of plasticizer. There is no dust formation compared to pure pigments which reduces cleaning effort.

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