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Speciality Additives


Lubricants play a crucial role in the manufacturing process due to their dispersing and mould release properties. Our specialty additives are available in 2 variants.

It has outstanding thermal stability which allows its use in Rubber and Plastic systems without fear of degradation. It is an effective lubricant, improves flow and mould release properties.


In Plastic, it is used in PVC, PET, Master batch, Engineering plastic and Thermoset process application.


In Rubber, it is used as processing promoter for compounds based on synthetic rubbers especially for FKM, CO, ECO, ACM, and HNBR.


Used in Technical Rubber goods by Automotive industry, Pharma industry, Plastic etc.

JC LUB PA-45.png

JC LUB PA - 45

It acts as a lubricant, dispersing agent, and mould-releasing agent. It is effective against mill sticking. It improves the extrusion properties of compounds and reduces mould fouling and easy removal of articles from the mould.

JC LUB PE-72.png

JC LUB PE - 72

JC LUB PE - 72 is a high molecular weight lubricant, suitable with PVC, PET, Master batch, polymers like Natural and Synthetic Rubbers. It is used as a processing aid in extruding and moulding rubber compounds, imparts excellent flow properties. It avoids mould fouling in Reclaim rubber and Butyl compounds.

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