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JC CB D-3028

Solvent based Carbon Black dispersions(20%-50,%) loading levels have been developed for easy handling and a dust free environment ,helps achieve good dispersion in the matrix which gives an excellent balance of  jetness , blue tone and conductivity which improves functionality of the end use article.

Packing Size: 20 kgs.

Available Form: Black Paste

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name

JC CB D-3028

Carbon Content

≥ 70 %

Plasticizer & Dispersing Agent Content

≤ 30%


Store in cool and dry place, strictly avoid moisture

Mode of Action

Carbon black DOP paste helps in achieving good dispersion by its pasty form. It is an ecofriendly solution of fly loss in order to achieve good dispersion, uniform color tone, high black jetness, conductivity and blue undertone.



Easy to handle
High jetness
Ease of dispersion
Uniform color tone
Dust free(Eco friendly)

Download Material Safety Data Sheet

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