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Manufacturer Of Various Types Of Speciality Chemicals
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Industries We Serve

We cater to various industries around the globe with our best-quality products. We have a wide range of products serving all industries with customized packing. The automobile industry, Plastic industry, Rubber industry, and textile industry are our prime customers.  Jayamchemicals produces chemical Products for various industries like automotive, pharmaceuticals, rubber, and many other industries.

Sports Car Interior

Automobile Industry

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber Industry

Rubber Gloves

Pharma Industry


Sports Industry

Plastic Vials

Plastic Industry


Tyre Industry

Who We Are

Jayam Chemicals is built on the idea of bringing together technology, chemistry, and engineering. We provide superior-quality specialty chemicals for various industries. We are proud to offer A-1 quality products and excellent customer experience. By combining competent chemistry with upscaled engineering we produce quality-centric products. Products manufactured are specialty chemicals and additives for use in areas like Rubber, Plastics, Leather, Ink, Pigments, Paints etc. Setting the Standard for Excellence in Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Across India. Discover Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability in Every Product.

Your diverse needs require a supplier that understands you. Jayam Chemicals is an Indian specialty chemicals manufacturer that aims to provide top-notch specialty chemicals to fulfill the needs of the ever-growing market.

Some keystones on which industrial chemicals are manufactured include Product Innovation, Customer Centric Products, and Sustainable Production Processes. We as a company, to excel in the chemical market always do developmental research to enhance these keystones.

Thus, our customers always get specialized products as per their needs. Fulfilling your raw material demands is our ultimate goal, hence our wide range of specialty chemicals always passes all quality and safety standards.

Products We Manufacture
Speciality Additives

Discover a wide range of specialty additives chemicals for various industries. Enhance your products with our high-quality solutions.

  • JC LUB PA-45

  • JC LUB PE-72 

Acid Scavengers

Explore our extensive selection of acid scavengers to efficiently neutralize acids across diverse applications.


  • JC MAG (Highly active Precipitated Magnesium Oxide)

Desiccant/Moisture Absorber

Explore a diverse selection of potent chemical moisture absorbers to safeguard and maintain a dry environment.

  • JC CaO-TL (Calcium Oxide - Special Additive Treated)

  • JC CaO-T (Calcium Oxide - Surface Treated)

  • JC CaO-SF (Calcium Oxide - Super Fine)

Activator For FKM

Discover the ultimate activator for FKM category chemical with our premium quality product. Enhance your chemical processes with ease.


  • JC EG-81